About Us


All school aged children are enrolled and educated to live a self-sustainable life in an environment where teaching and learning takes place in a safe, friendly, stimulating and happy environment. We envisage our communities are proactive in the development of the school (Physical, Spiritual & Social) and our teachers and the Board of Management are up-skilled and through them, the school serves as a catalyst for positive development in our communities.


In partnership with parents, teachers, and community members, the School strives to provide an effective education for all students which will prepare them for a successful life. We build relationships in a progressive educational community with high expectations, tolerance, integrity, and personal growth.


Arnon Atomea Provincial Secondary School is situated at the northern tip of the Island of Malaita. The school is 78 kilometres from the main service centre – Auki. It is located on government land; Plot 3 of LR 462 Malu’u. It was positioned higher on top of a hill more than 100 meters above sea level looking over Malu’u harbor and North Westerly direction to Basakana Island. Arnon Atomea PSS is the only senior secondary school in North Malaita Constituency which continues to enrol Year 7 to Year 12 students. Its current catchment covers more than 20 schools in the entire northern region in 4 constituencies namely Fataleka, Lau/Mbaelelea, North Malaita and Baegu/Asifola.

Arnon Atomea Provincial Secondary School was established in 1952. Since opening, the school has expanded, and we now have over 180 enrolments!

Students of Arnon Atomea Provincial Secondary School enjoy an array of subjects including the following:

  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Business Studies
  • Technology
  • Agriculture Home Economics

We are proud of our students and are excited to see the wonderful contributions they will make to our communities.

If you would like more information about the school, or the enrol a student, please Contact Us